Meet the Team


Susan Weisbarth

Executive Director

Susan Weisbarth has worked in the health care industry for more than 20 years. She started her career working in rehab doing marketing and admissions. Finding her passion, Susan transitioned into assisted living, beginning at a community in Woodland Hills where she stayed for more than 10 years. She still hears from the family members and staff there and, on her first day here at Canyon Trails, ran into a caregiver who had worked there at the same time, their paths crossing again!

After being a traveling executive director for the past four and a half years, Susan is grateful to find a home at Canyon Trails and is looking forward to long and rewarding relationships with families, residents and staff.


Susan Weisbarth

Executive Director

I am so excited to introduce myself to all of you. I have been in the health care industry for more than 20 years. I started working for rehab care doing marketing and admissions. I found I really had a passion for working with seniors. I then decided I wanted to work in assisted living.

I worked in one community for 11 years in Woodland Hills. I still hear from family members and staff. In fact, on my first day working here at Canyon Trails, I ran into a caregiver who worked for me there. It was wonderful to cross paths again.

For the past four and a half years, I was a traveling executive director and visited communities in San Diego, Portland and Oregon. I experienced hurricanes in Florida, snowstorms in Santa Fe and fires in Northern California. I am not the greatest of flyers, so I’m very pleased that I have given up my wings and settled back in the San Fernando Valley.

I am the executive director, but I am only as good as the entire team. Without them, I can’t do my job. My door is always open, and I am available to listen to both problems and compliments. Hopefully more compliments! If I don’t know the answer, I will always get back to you.

I am thrilled to be part of ISL, and I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with all of you. Please stop by when you visit and introduce yourself to me.


Holly Peralta

Generations Program Director

Holly Peralta joins us as our Generations Program director with more than a decade of experience. She worked as a nurse for 13 years and has extensive leadership experience in assisted living and memory care. Holly takes pride in taking care of residents with dignity and compassion, while providing the highest quality of care.

Outside of work, Holly enjoys spending time with her family and shopping.


Liliana Solorzano, LVN

Assisted Living Director

Liliana Solorzano’s passion for nursing began at a young age. In high school, she found herself volunteering at nursing facilities and serving as an activities assistant. It was then that her desire to care for others was ignited. With a background rich in skilled nursing that makes up more than 15 years’ cumulative experience in assisted living care, Liliana looks forward to continued service to this very important and special community.

Besides nursing, Liliana’s passions include family and spending time with her son. She’s been with Canyon Trails for the majority of her career and looks forward to many more years to come.


Lori Rolat

Senior Director, Sales and Marketing

Having spent 18 years as a publicist in the music industry, Lori Rolat found herself contemplating a career change. After much consideration, she opted to be part of an industry of compassion. That led her to senior living, where she has happily been serving for more than 10 years. As a native New Yorker, Lori found her move to California four years ago to be an exciting one! She loves being in an industry that bestows the proper honor and dignity to a vital community of individuals.

She spends her free time hiking, doing yoga, cooking, and enjoying the company of her husband and dog.


Shon Faye

Vibrant Life® Director

Shon Faye, our Vibrant Life® director, is interested in working with seniors because he loves connecting with them and learning about their lives. He feels that one of the things our society has lost is our respect for seniors and our elders and really enjoys having fun with them and getting them to do different and engaging activities.

Shon graduated from the Southern California Health Institute as a physical therapist aide and is certified and licensed as a massage therapist. For nearly 10 years, Shon worked with adults with developmental disabilities in a private therapeutic day program. He started working with seniors when he formed a nonprofit organization called The Imagination Connection. Its mission is to take the arts out to seniors, Alzheimer’s patients, at-risk youth, and developmentally disabled adults and veterans. It was through its art classes that Shon first began working with seniors. He felt it was wonderful to see how the arts impacted their lives. When the opportunity came up to work with seniors full time, Shon felt that would be a great fit for his interests and skills.

Shon grew up in Woodland Hills, and when he is not working, he enjoys playing basketball and flag football. He also enjoys singing any chance he gets.

Shon's mission at Canyon Trails is to help our residents look forward to each day with anticipation of what we’ll be doing next.


Sandra Perez

Business Office Director

Nine years ago, Sandra Perez came to Canyon Trails to work as an assistant in activities. Soon thereafter, she became the front desk concierge. Following the birth of her son, she returned as our Vibrant Life director and soon moved into the role of business office director. As a mom to two young children, Sandra spends her time off with her family and her Bible study class. She has enjoyed her years of working at Canyon Trails and looks forward to what the future will bring.

Jose Martinez

Culinary Service Director

With 31 years of experience, 27 here at Canyon Trails, Chef Jose Martinez brings much expertise, determination, laughter and compassion to his cooking. He finds pleasure working alongside an incredible staff that love their jobs as well as the community and those they service. Chef Jose believes that the table provides a place of joy and rest and feels privileged to share his heart and talent with the community at Canyon Trails.


Erasmo Rodriguez

Maintenance Director

With more than 19 years’ professional experience of handyman and repair work, Erasmo Rodriquez has been working in maintenance all his life. As a rancher, he has been training to problem-solve for as long as he can remember. Erasmo has been working for Canyon Trails for nine years. He enjoys working with his hands and feels that the experience of raising his five children and goats, horses, chickens and bulls has equipped him to handle anything maintenance throws his way. He is happy to join the Canyon Trails team and is thankful for the opportunity. When he isn’t wrangling rogue chickens or toilets, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family.